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martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Maps for central karst of Endrinal ( Grazalema park )

This post have a few maps drawed with the amazing QGIS. These maps are special because have an OSM layer over IGN geographic maps. This layer show trails recorded by the OSM comunity.

Pay attention to one thing, these trails are graded from T1 to T4/T5 SAC scale. It's very very important, specially if you are a foreigner, that you plan the journey. Almost all trails lack indications, I've helped a lot of lost people ( german, french, dutch... ) who told me they didn't find arrows or other signs.

These maps cover a huge extension. From Boyar valley to Villaluenga valley, and from Grazalema village to Benaocaz village : Endrinal, Sierrecilla, Sierra del Caillo, mountain subgroups as Reloj, Coargarzal o Jauletas...

Please use this maps with caution because you must have knowledge of mapping and orienteering.

Survey points

Please take note of this two reference points ( WGS84 - ETRS89 ) :
Cao ->
Reloj ->


I have splited in several sectors of 4.000 por 2.500 metres with UTM cartesian coordinates.

Mapa maestro
All sectors links (PDF format ) are shown below :

Red sector -> Enlace
Blue sector -> Enlace
Magenta sector -> Enlace
Green sector -> Enlace
Orange sector -> Enlace
Cyan sector -> Enlace

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